A world on the edge of disaster,          

          humanity struggling to survive…

and unholy denizens prowling in the dark…


The Covenant in Twilight is the dying breaths of humanity, the last vestiges of humans tenuously clinging to the edge of the shattered world  as the powers and other realm denizens of Gaia prowl what remains. Humanity has been left to huddle away behind the walls of great cities, overseen by the benevolent corporation, Pantheos International Conglomerate.

The 4th Age of Mankind has come to a close. As with the previous ages, civilization has been almost wiped clear, leaving behind smoldering ruins that the planet has already started to reclaim outside of the nuclear landscape.

Only about 1% of the population survived the devastation eight generations earlier – and the rest would have perished shortly after had the Pantheos Conglomeration not been prepared for the disastrous war.

Humanity had endured… for now.

But the dark horrors and denizens from beyond the mortal realm are eager for blood and vengeance on the people that tore at Gaia’s flesh; and brought the End of Days upon them.

History, as it is known

Character concepts

Other worlds, magic, and the tragic denizens

The world

Equipment, Weapons, and Armor

Covenant in Twilight

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