History, as it is known

Late in the 23rd Century, the human population of the Earth had reached a critical junction. Previous attempts to stymie the expanding needs of the world had failed, and the 14 billion people of the world demanded more and more resources and land.

It was a world of high technology, great advances in science produced completely volitional A.I., the quantum realm came under control, and both the Moon and Mars had been colonized.
But it was also a world of great war machines. Advanced robotics, micro-fusion power, bio-technology, and cybernetics created powered body armor, and massive walking armored vehicles bristling with weaponry and thick armor.

The first world powers dominated the landscape with their impenetrable weapons – leaving wanting those that could not afford such massive battlefield advantages.
It was this unevenness of power that forced the weaker nations to secretly covet the dangerous technology of antimatter weaponry.

When the breaking point came, the sheer mass of antimatter weaponry sent around the globe unhinged reality itself. It was the first time fusion weapons were ever used in war. The barriers between the worlds was torn asunder; and entities from the other realms – Aurorae, Medëia, Pendarath, and Sidhielinn – fell through the tears into the mortal realm of Mördtaerran.
This event has been called the Sundering.

Even Mörhe’bel, sensing the weakened flesh of the mortal realms, reached out with iron claws to tear at the flesh of Gaia.

Humanity had endured, but with the terrible radiation storms and hostile other-worldly denizens screaming at their doorsteps, what remained of civilization hid themselves away behind great walled cities protected by the benevolent corporation.

Two centuries later, human civilizations still exists, though still grossly reduced in size. It has been estimated that only 100 to 150 million humans survived the Sundering. That number hasn’t increased much, and remains at about 200 million.

Much of the great advances of human science had been lost to the past, and many items have become cherished relics.

Though still advanced by today’s standards, humanity continues to hunt for the lost techonology of the previous world – convinced it holds the means to their salvation, despite what the few who remember the history cry out in warning.

History, as it is known

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