The heart of Mexico, and boosting the greatest population over the other five megacities, Tenochtitlan is not only the former capital of the ferocious Aztecs, but serves at the bulwark against the dark entities that have come to dominate the southern jungles.

Life in Tenochtitlan is not easy, and is by far the most dismal in comparison to the other cities – but this serves to bolster the city’s military arsenal against the terrors that continue to slam themselves against the great walls. Military service in the Tenoch Militia is compulsory for a period of three years.

Schooling is not standard, and modest cost, though the low standard income and higher unemployment lends itself to lesser attendance, and a greater illiteracy.

The region around the city is a myriad of farming industries, though nowhere near as expansive as Cascadia.

Rumors have been growing of a dark presence growing in the forestlands to the south, particularly former Guatemala and the Yucatan, but any attempts to locate the source of these rumors have returned only silence. Inhuman denizens have been raiding the  countryside with renewed vigour, despite the Tenoch Militia’s firepower. The identity of these denizens remains a mystery to the general population, as Kressel authorities are quick to gather and secure any corpses that haven’t ‘ashed’.

They also have a standing bounty of 5000 CS for a live capture.

No one has been able to claim this bounty.

19o25’47.3”N, 99o7’59.4”W

42.3 million

Kressel Laboratory Science

Intra-lingua 62%; Spanish 26%; English – 12%

Corporate Standard ($1); Silver Peso ($3); Brass ($.01 – $.11)

Wealth level:
Low, typically struggling at best

Unemployment:    18%

Major Religions:
Sol; Earth Mother

Minor Religions:
Bloodied Hand; The Dark Lady; Mistress of Secrets



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