Character concepts

Though other denizens of Gaia now live in the broken world, Covenant in Twilight is intended to be human-centric, focusing on humanities will to survive the end times.

Life in the vast hives of the megacities is great and varied, each one housing 90% of the remaining human population. Conditions in the megacities is dismal and cramped for the poor, and only marginally better for the echelons of the corporate power.

Below are several character ideas for denizens living within the walls of a megacity, or in a free settlement.

GURPS 4e starting characters


Adepts are the few humans who have displayed extra-normal abilities. It is said they have been touched by a divine agent, or the Mother herself.

It is not fully understood where their powers come from, but they are equally respected and feared for their abilities; such as bio-regeneration, energy manipulation, oracle or dream viewing, or even weather manipulation


Artifact Hunters

Fortune hunters who brave the dangers of theEmpty Lands in search of advanced old world technology and magickal artifacts. Those few who manage to survive can amass great wealth and celebrity status.


City Scamp

Poor and downtrodden, the city scamp is a survivor of the harshest the megacity can throw at them. They are tough and resourceful, scoundrels, and often make what bit of money they can doing odd-jobs, couriering, or small-time illegal enterprises (though rarely violent).
Most Scamps have seen the inside of a detention cell.



The cyber-hacker is a computer specialist. With the fall of civilization, world-wide communication went with it (at least for the common person). However, the megacities still maintain large internal networks with a vast array of computer integration.

Despite the concept title, not all cyber-hackers break into computer systems. Many find themselves employed by the powers-that-be to keep out curious eyes, or simply find solace in the cold science of computing.



Dregs are the workers of the city, the drones that keep the great beast functioning. Often thought of as uninspired or lacklustre, the dregs attend work daily, toil for hours, then return home – on the outside a life few would seem to aspire to (but then look at life in the early 21st century).

However, despite the unimaginative and often dangerous work environments, dregs have the benefits of universal healthcare, porvided apartments, and a steady income.



As with any city life, crime remains a constant element that never seems able to be eradicated. While the Scamps have dabble in a life of crime through small-scale shenanigans, the Gutter-runners live the life of a gangster.

They often indulge in smuggling, drug sales, extortion, theft, and very often have criminal records and have served time in the detention cells or indentitured service.
Gutter-runners are the lowest teir of a city’s criminal element.



Responsible for law and order in the community or sector they serve, the Lawkeeper is the recognized authority (either city-state or citizen sactioned) to uphold the values of a stable society.

Lawkeepers can come in many forms; the local outpost sherriff, investigative detective, smuggling agent, to the soldier-like ESU (Emergency Service Unit) or Gangs and Civil Disobedience.


Noble (Executive)

Nobles in the traditional sense of peerage and titles has been washed away in the flash of nuclear fire,  but executive members of the corporate body can be seen as the next logical step. High on the social ladder of the megacity, corporate executives and the upper echelons live a life of greater comfort than those beneath them (but even they do not enjoy languid elegance; more akin to the middle class of 21st century America).

Though a character concept, most executives have a duty to their employer, and aren’t really suitable for adventuring beyond the office environment.


Soldier / Mercenary

Even with the ruination of the world, the megacity states still indulge in regular military actions beyond their borders; either against rival states, or more often the incursions of outsiders into their territories.

Each state maintains a standing military, but will augment their forces with hired guns when necessary. Additionally, mercenary companies find lucrative, if very dangerous, work in the Empty Lands – whether hired by local settlements or enterprising executives wanting to stake claims.

There are several branches of military service; the common infantryman, artillery, armor driver, heavy gunner, sniper, or ranger. Power armored soldiers and MAU pilots are the elite of a state’s arsenal, as their materiel are considered valuable relics and are unable to be replicated with current technical knowledge.


Thug / Bodyguard

The dangers of megacity life provide lucrative opportunities for those with a strong body and skilled in the combat arts.

Many of those with means find themselves unwilling to venture out beyond their secured apartments without a host of loyal, or at least well-paid, bodyguards.

Likewise, the criminal element is eager to employ strongmen, or women, with little compunctions about breaking limbs or removing problems by knife or gun.


Underworld / Gangster

The underbellies of the megacities are rife with criminal corruption, and each city hosts at least one major criminal organization and a half dozen smaller ones – who, when not enjoying a short-lived peace, constantly war with one another for control of the illicit trades; prostitution, loan sharking, drug production and distribution, smuggling, weapons trafficking and a host of other highly illegal endeavors.


Wildness Scout / Wild-runner

Like the Artifact Hunter, the Wild-runner spends much of her time beyond the safety of the city’s walls – but they don’t do it out of a hunt for wealth or knowledge, but a sense of serenity that comes with being alone in the wide expanse of the Empty Lands.

They face (and survive) not only the dangers of the wildlands, but terribly violent radiation storms, and the animosity of the outsiders – roving bands of Orogin hunting parties, vengeful Aos Si, or the raw fury of a Therion Nation loup-garou.

Character concepts

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